India’s first visual books that learning goes to the next level with our innovative visual Book series. Let's make learning into visual form with EdHanced 360. Visual Books provide an exciting and dynamic way to experience stories and information, fostering a love for reading and learning in readers of all ages.  estudypathshala image loading error

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How to visualize our V-Book

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Hold your device's camera up to the QR code present on the AR image. (for better experience print image then scan).


A new webpage will get open, give permission for camera and scan image (for better experience scan printed image ).

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AI-driven School Management System is crucial for modern education and training, offering a centralized platform to deliver, manage, and track learning content efficiently, enabling personalized and data-driven learning experiences.


Adaptive learning's importance lies in its personalized approach to education, tailoring the learning experience to individual strengths, weaknesses, and progress. By utilizing data-driven algorithms, adaptive learning optimizes content delivery, ensuring students are appropriately Read More

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STEAM education is important because it fosters critical thinking, promotes creativity, prepares students for future careers, encourages interdisciplinary learning, enhances technological literacy, inspires innovation, addresses global challenges, promotes inclusivity and diversity Read More

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